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Eagles Keep Baskett

Posted by Tyler Staley on April 30, 2009

The Philedelphia Eagles have signed wide receiver Hank Baskett to a one-year contract late Thursday.

Though the financial terms of the deal are unknown, im sure that are happy to have Baskett back on the team.

Baskett had career high 33 catches for 440 yards and three TDs last season, and played an important part in the Eagles running game by holding blocks down long enough for Brian Westbrook to get into the open field.


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Patriots Trade CB Hobbs To Eagles

Posted by Tyler Staley on April 27, 2009

The Eagles began the second day of the NFL draft Sunday with three trades, the third of which netted them the Patriots’ Ellis Hobbs, a four-year veteran cornerback who was New England’s third-round pick in 2005. This is great news for Eagles cornerback Sheldon Brown, who has made it public that he would like to leave Philadelphia.

Hobbs was picked after a confusing round of draft trades.

The Eagles first traded their third-round pick, 85th overall, to the Giants for another third-round pick, 91st overall, and a fifth-round selection. Later, the Eagles traded that 91st pick to the Seahawks for a fifth-round and a seventh-round choice, plus a third-round selection in 2010. That left the Eagles with six fifth-round picks, and they gave two of them to the Patriots for Hobbs.

Brown, who has four years left on an eight-year contract that will pay him $2 million this season, went public with his demand for a new deal or a trade two weeks before the draft. The Eagles responded with a firm statement that made it clear a new contract was out of the question.

The new Philadelphia Eagle will bringĀ  5 years of NFL experience, speed and a field awareness o the team, as well the possibility of using him as an elite kick returner. Hobbs will be joining an elite NFL defense, with cornerbacks like former Patriot, Asante Samual, Lito Sheppard, and Sheldon Brown.

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Giants Pick Hakeem Nicks

Posted by Tyler Staley on April 26, 2009

With their first pick in the draft, the Giant have choosen former North Carolina WR Hakeem Nicks. The former Tar Heel is an outstanding receiver with all of the tools to be a No. 1 receiver as a pro. As a big, strong play maker with outstanding hands, Nicks should fill in nicely for the departed Plaxico Burress in the Giants’ receiving corps.

Nicks has good initial quickness off the snap and good strength with lateral agility which will help get through press coverage. Due to his good burst out of his breaks, he generates separation, especially on slants, which is why he has become such an elite receiver. He can contort his body in space to make the spectacular reception. Because of his good height and leaping ability, he can challenge any defensive back for a catch.

This was really the only thing that the Giants could have done in the first round. Now that Plax is gone and Amani Toomer hasn’t been offered a new contract, they are short on recievers. Though the Giants have nice group of tightends but they need another reciever to complement their future started Steve Smith.

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Eagles Choose Jeremy Maclin

Posted by Tyler Staley on April 26, 2009

The Eagles made an interesting move to grab a prolific playmaker in Maclin. The former Tiger has the requisite skills to shine in the team’s West Coast offense, and he’s a threat to score from anywhere on the field. With DeSean Jackson, Kevin Curtis and Maclin on the field at the same time, the Eagles have the ability to unveil an explosive passing attack that mixes a short passing game with a vertical attack.

At first, the Eagels were thought to pick running back Chris Wells (Ohio State) but they some what shocked everyone by picking WR Jeremy Maclin. Eaither way, the Eagles would have made a great pick. With Maclin, the Eagles supply franchise quarterback Donovan McNabb with another decent reciever. The Eagles havn’t ever really had a good reciever sience Terrell Owen, which has hurt the team drasticly. We have seen what happens when McNabb gets a great reciever, but he has been in short demand of late, and his line up is made of average players.

Though, on the other side, the Eagles could have picked running back Chris Wells. Wells would supply a break for injury prone running back Brian Westbrook, whose years left in the NFL are limited due to his injuries and age. Wells would also help McNabb out by picking up blocks, which is something that he was known for at Ohio State.

I just hope that Jeremy Maclin turns out to be the right choice because his home now is Philedelphia, and that isn’t a great place to be when things turn sour.

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Washingtion Redskins Take Brian Orakpo

Posted by Tyler Staley on April 25, 2009

Orakpo unexpectedly falls to the Redskins at No. 13. Though he was projected by many as a hybrid rusher, Orakpo will play as a conventional edge rusher alongside Pro Bowler Albert Haynesworth. With the big man occupying double teams inside, Orakpo has an opportunity to record double-digit sacks in his first season due to a high number of man-on-man blocks off the edge.

Positives: Good height and upper-body build. Plays with his hand down and can also stand up. Easily gets off blocks from tackles to make a play in the hole. Can also hold his ground well against larger tackles. Has good backfield awareness, watching for misdirection, cutbacks and bootlegs. Closes on the quarterback well and secures the tackle. Shows adequate fluidity dropping on zone blitzes to handle short-area zone coverage as a 3-4 rush linebacker.

Negatives: Might need to play on the strong side in the pros because he lacks great explosion and pass rush off the edge. Can be easily pushed around the pocket if he tries to use an outside speed move. Gets sacks from hustle and effort. Does not always change direction quickly enough to make the play on the outside. Needs to use his punch more often to get tackles off balance on the pass rush. Durability concern. Missed multiple games due to knee injuries in both 2007 and ’08 — his two seasons as a starter.

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