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Sanchez’s Jersey is #1, Is He?

Posted by Noah Roush on May 5, 2009

According to the NFL and Reebok, Mark Sanchez’s #6 Jersey is their number one seller.  Is this supposed to be an indication of player talent?

 Sanchez, who was drafted sixth overall by the Jets, was originally not expected to declare for the NFL Draft.  When he did, he surprised everyone, including his former USC head coach Pete Carroll.

Though Sanchez had little college experience, he had exceptional arm strength and accuracy throughout college.  He was still expected to be a project for whichever NFL team drafted him.  

Now, Sanchez is the projected starter for the Jets and his jersey is the #1 seller in the country. The question is, can he live up to his jersey’s profit?


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Graham Harrell – Too Good For The NFL Draft?

Posted by Noah Roush on April 28, 2009

In this 2009 Draft a certain quarterback named Graham Harrell out of Texas Tech was passed over, pick after pick.  This same Graham Harrell kid threw for 45 touchdowns to 9 interceptions, had a 70.6% completion rating, and 5111 yards.

Oh yeah!  There’s also his 160.04 passer rating.

Still, no matter how good Graham Harrell’s numbers was EVERY SINGLE NFL TEAM managed to pass over him without a thought.

How could you pass up one of the greatest statistical college quarterbacks of all time?  Simple. You label him a “system quarterback”, otherwise meaning that he would suck in any other team’s system but Texas Tech’s.

I think this label is much too harsh for an extremely talented, accurate quarterback.  Sadly, it turned ever single NFL team general manager away from this 400+ touchdown-throwing,  160.04 passer-rated quarterback.

Quarterbacks who were picked in the draft instead of Harrell include Pat White  (West Virginia), who is fun to watch but he could barely throw it in college and I doubt he can do better in the pros, and Curtis Painter (Purdue) a quarterback who led his team to a horrible record.

Now, Harrell is planning to play at the Cleveland Browns’ rookie camp, hoping to sign a free agent contract with a team that already has at least two quarterbacks in the lineup.

The NFL really messed up this time.

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